Modern pastry ingredients

Gepubliceerd op 9 juli 2020 om 15:00

Not so long ago - five to ten years ago preparing a dessert without eggs and dairy was nearly impossible - it was not clear what to use as a binding agent in a cake butter, how to make fluffy merengues or how to laminate croissant dough? 

Thankfully today - whether you have food allergies or simply live a vegan life style - you don't need to give up certain products and favorite desserts. They all can be made vegan: no eggs and dairy required. 

Look at this croissant! It is made entirely without any animal products - and isn't it beautiful?

Through this blog we share with you all the essential information that you should know if you want to develop as a vegan pastry chef. We talk about different ingredients and science behind baking and cooking. 

Next time your macarons don't develop feet or your cake won't be as fluffy as you intended - you know why and how to fix it in the future. Stay with us - it will be an exciting journey!


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