Vegan creamy texture - is it possible?

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Ganache....pastry cream of whipped cream - how to keep the taste and the texture with vegan replacements? 

To understand the concept, it is necessary to dive into the science behind all those animal ingredients. 

Dairy heavy cream contains a hormon called Casein that has amazing qualities - it works as a perfect emulsifier....oh wait..let me start with the definition of the whole process.

Emulsion is the mixture of two components - two liquids that don't mix are combined together. The majority of culinary emulsions are water based: either water-in-oil, or oil-in-water. Some examples are mayonnaise, vinaigrette or dairy milk and even butter. To make such mixtures strong - we need the help of emulsifiers.

Emulsifier keeps the mixture together and doesn't allow it to separate. Some of the natural emulsifiers are egg yolk in chicken egg and casein in dairy milk. 

If you could visualize the emulsifier it would look like it has two sides - one that attracts water and another that attracts fat. By pulling them together at the same time, we create strong mixture - emulsion. 

A good example of an emulsion is ganache: part chocolate, part heavy cream. When using cow milk or cream for ganache, there is no need to add any extra emulsifiers - because of Casein. However to make vegan ganache strong and creamy - we need to add an emulsifier. 

There are two natural emulsifiers on the market at this moment from a very recommended Spanish brand SOSA:

1. Soy lecithin 

2. Citric Fibre Emulsifier 

They are both good and have exactly the same qualities. The amount of both can be added as of 0.2% up to 2% of the emulsion mass. 


Next time - try it and tell me the result - I am curious to hear how it turned out. 


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